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The event industry, both in Poland and Europe, is developing very fast. Organizers must constantly follow the fashion
and the preferences of the participants in this regard. Nowadays, more and more mass events are organized outdoors, which results
n huge interest in tent halls. This type of halls is not only a fashion but also tangible benefits for the company.


The use of tent halls in the event industry gives the organizers new, previously unknown opportunities, as far as mobility is concerned. Companies no longer have to stick to the rigid framework imposed by the location of a stationary facility. Currently, it is possible to carry out a large corporate, special occasion, music, or sports event virtually anywhere, without the need to build a hall. A modern, lightweight tent hall can be placed in any location within a few hours. The place does not have to be specially prepared, you just need to take care of a few small details. Mobility is also a great advantage for companies that use tent halls for storage purposes. It is an ideal solution for companies that need more warehouse space temporarily or permanently, but are not able – most often for financial reasons – to build a standard warehouse.
Due to their high stability, the tent halls are resistant to unfavourable weather conditions, and thus can be used for a long time. In terms of usability, warehouse tent halls are not inferior to stationary warehouse properties. And most importantly, they can be dismantled in a short time and moved to another location.


Tent halls are a functional and innovative solution. Thanks to a wide range of forms and shapes, each company can choose the optimal aesthetic solution. The halls can be combined, creating effective complex structures. It is possible to adjust the colour of the hall to the company’s branding strategy. The use of tent halls when organizing various types of outdoor events has become a standard. Any company that wants to follow the trends should be interested in tent halls. What is more, by choosing a hall with an original shape, you can distinguish yourself from the competition and attract the attention of customers. In this regard, the newest and most interesting solution is WLS halls, also known as spherical halls, which can be combined into whole towns. These are halls designed like movie space stations, referring to science-fiction films in terms of design. The Arcada (WAVE) type halls with a gently arched roof are also visually attractive. It is also worth paying attention to the TORUS type halls, combining unique style and high usability.


Tent halls can be chosen for the particular type of event each time. This is contrary to stationary facilities, where the organizers always have to adapt to the already existing technical conditions. Permanent structures are usually built for a specific purpose. Even if a concert can be organized in a sports hall, it will be difficult to obtain optimal acoustics in such a facility. It is different
in the case of tent halls. When we want to organize a music event, it is best to choose a tent that will provide excellent sound effects and will enable the installation of a special sound system and lighting. The situation is similar in the case of warehouse halls, where usability is more important than appearance. Each company can choose the optimal design and size. The hall area can be adapted to the company’s needs.

Weather resistance

Due to the steady structure, the tent halls guarantee the highest level of safety for the participants of the event. A special membrane protects against sun, high and low temperatures, rain, snow, and wind. However, some tent halls are designed
o transmit light to brighten the interior without any additional lighting installation, at the same time not dazzling the visitors. In tent halls, thanks to the possibility of installing air conditioning or heating, you can create ideal climatic conditions. It can be stated that the participants of the event taking place in such tent hall often have better conditions for
having fun than in a stationary facility.

Low operating costs

The purchase of a tent hall or its rental is incomparably cheaper than the construction of a stationary facility, regardless of
its purpose (storage or production). It is also worth bearing in mind that tent halls are an ideal option for companies
that need more warehouse space temporarily, for example, due to the seasonal boom. When we need warehouses for 2-3 months, it is better to rent a warehouse than to think about building one, which, after its construction, will only generate costs for most of the year. And most importantly, tent halls are definitely cheaper in everyday use than conventional buildings. For example, thanks to their special roof structure, there is no need for additional light during the day. In addition, the tent hall can be quickly disassembled and moved to another location, if necessary.

Year by year, tent halls are becoming more and more popular among companies and organizers of various types of events. They have become a permanent element of the event landscape, not only in Poland. t comes as no surprise, after all, it is a very functional and modern solution. It gives investors great benefits and new opportunities in the field of organizing events or storing goods.

If you are looking for a tent hall to organize an event or you are simply looking for a warehouse – contact us,
and we will choose the best solution for you at a competitive price!

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