Mobile hangar – Warsaw – Babice - Hale Namiotowe - Rekord Hale Namiotowe sp. z o.o.

Mobile hangar – Warsaw – Babice

For the purpose of modernization of the Police Aviation base in Warsaw, the Rekord Hale Namiotowe Company delivered a mobile hangar in 2021. A mobile hangar with an aluminum and steel frame structure, single-space, intended for four aircraft, was built at the Warsaw – Babice airport. The hangar is designed for year-round use and it is adapted to multiple assembly and disassembly, and can be transported by standard road vehicles. A two-layer cover made of a PE / PVC composite membrane, is stretched in two directions creating an air space between the layers. The contract also included the performance of multi-sector construction works, the installation of SSP, lightning protection system, and lighting. The hangar was equipped with two gates located at the sides of the hall, allowing free access to the aircraft.