WLS halls


Spacious and impressive spherical tents – also known as dome tents – are a proposal for customers looking for unusual and modern solutions. These types of tents are an attractive alternative to the commonly used tents of ordinary shapes. Spherical tents are characterized not only by their unique, impressive design but also by high functionality. The lack of internal supports allows for any optimal development of the internal space. They are perfect for organizing all kinds of outdoor events and can also be an interesting image idea for a cafe or restaurant.


Spherical tents of various sizes can be combined to create original configurations. Their simple, mobile structure is also an easy way to quickly build an attractive, spellbinding shopping pavilion in the bounty of nature. Both the structure and the sheathing of spherical tents are made of the highest quality materials. Careful workmanship, best materials, a well-thought-out design, and applicable quality standards guarantee safe, long-term use of our spherical tents.