MNT technical tent

The MNT technical tent is a military technical tent based on a rack structure. It enables carrying out maintenance and repair work on armaments and military equipment in the field, both inside the country and on missions abroad. The tent and its equipment guarantee the possibility of working in various climate zones and in all seasons, characterized by high resistance to changing weather conditions. The structure of the tent is easy to repair in the field, its assembly and disassembly is time efficient and effortless.

The materials used for the production of the tent’s sheathing are resistant to aggressive corrosive environmental factors, chemicals for disinfection, decontamination, detergents used for cleaning, petroleum products, etc. All maintenance activities of the tent, carried out as part of technical inspections,
are possible with the use of the available toolkit that comes with it.

The technical tent has been designed to achieve the readiness to perform the tasks in the shortest possible time. The design allows two or more tents to be connected in different ways in order to increase the usable space. The tent and its equipment are made in accordance with the Polish Standards (PN) and the Defence Standard
NO-06-A104 and have the required safety certificates.