RFS Halls

RFS Halls

RFS tent halls, offered to our customers, are designed for year-round use and for multiple assembly and disassembly. They are perfect wherever large areas are required to be covered with a roof. The visual form of the structure that arouses interest is used in both the events and sports industries as well as in the manufacturing industry. The shape of the hall’s body provides a relatively large volume inside the hall, which allows holding large-size devices and machines (airplanes, helicopters, etc.). This structure can also be used during events requiring considerable space under the roof (such as concerts, exhibitions, and sports competitions).

Structure and sheathing

The structure of the RFS hall consists of modular space frames. Each module has a system that allows for two-way tension of the sheathing, which significantly increases the strength parameters of the hall and the comfort of use.

Both the structure and the sheathing of the halls are adapted to the installation of additional equipment, such as hard walls, insulated walls, doors, entry gates, lighting, heating and air conditioning, decorations, etc. All elements of the hall are adapted to be transported by standard road vehicles. RFS tent halls meet the safety requirements that must be observed in the design, calculation, production, and installation according to EN 13782.

Gate system

CHAMPION DOOR gate systems are a solution dedicated especially to RFS tent halls.
The use of the gate enables full access to the interior of the hall in a short time, without the use of expensive and sometimes complicated conventional gates solutions. Champion Doors have strong frame construction, which makes them perfect for large outdoor locations, such as aircraft hangars of all sizes, from hangars for military aircraft to jumbo jets. The gates have been designed to withstand various weather and climatic conditions.

Gate assembly

We recommend the Champion Door NK2 Double and NK4 Warm gates for aircraft hangars. NK4 Warm doors are additionally equipped with two layers of thermal and acoustic insulation. The fabric is highly wear-resistant and attached without rivets. The fabric is easy to keep clean, it is also easy to maintain, and the cost of replacing parts is low. The fabric can be partially or fully transparent or fitted with windows. Additionally, anti-burglary protection is available.