Membrane structures

Membrane structures

Membrane structures are an excellent way to extend the functional properties of many different types of sports, cultural, and leisure facilities. Thanks to the roofs, they can be used
at any time of the year, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. The Rekord Hale Namiotowe Company has extensive experience in the production of membrane tent roofs. The use of technically advanced construction solutions makes it possible to comprehensively shape the bodies of tent halls and to adapt them to the current needs and environmental conditions each time.

Membrane structures are an excellent alternative to permanent roof structures and full-size brick-and-mortar halls. This type of roofing can be used wherever there is no technical possibility to build a conventional hall or the budget simply does not allow it. It must be remembered that making a tent roof or erecting a tent hall is definitely cheaper than building a hall in the traditional technology. What is more, it is significant that tent canopies are definitely cheaper in everyday use than traditional structures.

Membrane structures are perfect for covering city and park amphitheatres, various sports facilities (sports fields, etc.), and all kinds of terraces or gardens.


Membrane roofing based on a light aluminum structure is a very modern and functional solution. This type of roof can be erected in a very short time. Contrary to popular opinion, membrane structures are characterized by very high durability and stability, which guarantees absolute safety for users of the facility
regardless of weather conditions. The membrane is a technical PVC fabric coated with PVDF with high strength parameters, it is specially protected against mould, rain, and UV radiation. In addition, the membrane used by our company for roofing has self-cleaning properties, is non-flammable, and does not deform; regardless of the time of use, it retains its original size. This type of fabric is very flexible, it allows you to create various shapes and forms of roofs. And this is a very important aspect because we realize that our partners expect not only good usability, but also an exceptional visual effect. Often, this type of roofing is a hallmark of the facility and its main role is to attract people’s attention. Nowadays, when the competition is so severe, an out-of-the-box roofing design allows you to stand out on the market – it creates a competitive advantage, which in the case of commercial facilities is an undeniable benefit.

We offer our clients membrane roofs of different types and sizes. We are open to the ideas of our customers and we also make roofing structures according to individual preferences. Thanks to the knowledge and experience in the field of design, production, and assembly of tent roofs, we are always able to choose the optimal solution and satisfy the most demanding contractors.