HAN halls

HAN halls

HAN halls have been designed with the possibility of quick relocation of halls intended for military and civilian hangars. The use of a modular structure allows the surface of the object to be adapted by extending it. HAN type hangars are suitable for extreme climatic conditions, including arctic, desert, temperate and tropical climates.

٭ Minimization of operating costs

٭ Possibility to adjust the size depending on the purpose

٭ Quick opening of entire gable walls

Structure and sheathing

The structure of the HAN-type tent hall is made on the basis of an aluminum skeleton, designed for quick assembly
and disassembly with the possibility of quick opening of the entire gable walls. The supporting structure of the hall consists of frames made of
anodized aluminum profiles with keder rails. The frame mullion set at an angle of 75˚ in the lower part turns into a straight transom rising at an angle of 25˚. The frames are connected with each other with aluminum purlins.
Gable tarpaulins are pulled into the keder rails of the adjacent frames constituting the structure of the opening gable walls. All elements of the structure are connected during assembly with bolts and screws (5.8 strength class).
The transverse stability of the structure is ensured by rigid frames, fixed to galvanized steel feet. The feet are attached to the ground with steel pins. Longitudinal stability is ensured by bracings made of steel ropes and aluminum braces, appropriately positioned, and by inclined gable frames. The structure of the gable walls consists of three movable construction frames that enable their quick opening or closing. The hall is covered with tarpaulins made of soft polyester, coated with high-quality non-flammable PVC material. The length of the hall can be adjusted to the customer’s needs.
In the middle tarpaulins in the side walls, it is possible to make the entrance door
and inlets for heating and ventilation ducts.