FE Halls

FE halls structure

The supporting structure of the FE hall is made of steel trusses topped with sections of aluminum profiles
with shaped channels for the installation of PVC sheathing. The frame elements are connected by galvanized steel inserts fixed to the aluminum profiles with bolted and riveted connections. All elements of the structure are connected by means of high-strength pins. Steel rope braces provide longitudinal stabilization,
and the main frame is hinged to steel feet or ground beams to provide transverse stabilization. The structure meets the requirements of international construction norms and standards.


Roof and hall triangles are made of polyester fabric, coated with PVC, protected against UV rays and mould. The sheathing is classified in terms of flammability as non-flammable, with parameters confirmed by a certificate, impermeable to water, meeting the strength requirements for materials used for tent halls sheathing.
Our tent halls meet the safety requirements that must be followed in design, calculations, production, and installation according to EN 13782. The construction is made in the EXC2 class according to EN 1090-2 and EN 1090-3, which is confirmed by the CE certificate.