Double-decker halls

Double-decker tent halls

Double-decker tent halls are an innovative solution for demanding customers who need a large usable area in a limited space. It is a new product on the Polish market, which has already gained organizers’ recognition of all kinds of exhibitions, gatherings, concerts, and outdoor sports, cultural and entertainment events. Double-decker tents guarantee safety and comfort comparable to stationary facilities.

Double-decker halls are multifunctional tents that have a wide range of applications. They can be used during special events or can be used as free-standing commercial or exhibition pavilions. Double-decker tents can be used all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

Double-decker tent halls offered to our customers have a modern design. The combination of glass and metal is an architecturally modern solution that cannot be ignored. In addition to aesthetic values, it guarantees high functionality – it provides a large space and an inflow of natural light. The tent can be equipped with an outside balcony with a glass railing.

Technical data:

– dimensions 20 m – width, 5 m – length in modules

– ground floor with steel base, the distance between steel pillars: 7.5 m – 5 m – 7.5 m

– coffer floor (boards with non-slip surface in aluminum frames)

– balcony, 2.50 m wide, on the side of the hall, on the first floor, coffered balcony floor

– first floor (aluminum hall) mounted directly on the steel base of the ground floor

The double-decker tent halls, thanks to a wide range of additional accessories, can be adapted to the individual requirements of guests and the specificity of the event. It is possible to install heating and air conditioning devices, which enables obtaining optimal conditions regardless of the season.

The light double-decker tent halls are a very convenient solution from the organizer’s point of view. The hall can be erected in a few days almost anywhere without the need to dig foundations. The double-decker halls have become a permanent element of the landscape of outdoor events. They can be found in many places (including the Open’er festival in Gdynia). These tents the so-called bunks, offer wide possibilities in terms of interior design – it is possible to create several separate areas with separate entrances.

If you organize an outdoor event and you need to create comfortable conditions in a small space for a fairly large group of participants – the double-decker tent hall will be the perfect solution. Welcome!