Power generators

Professional power generators are an excellent source of energy where there it is not possible to apply other solutions. We offer Diesel units from 33kW to 550 kW. Based on our experience,
we can assure you that SDMO power generators are second to none.
SDMO power generators provide a very high level of safety and certainty that in case of a failure of the primary power system, critical devices will be supplied without interruptions, which will protect consumers from many serious losses, such as those caused by a sudden power cut.


Mobile heating devices are the most versatile solution for heating manufacturing facilities, warehouses, sports and leisure facilities, tent halls, and agricultural facilities. If required by weather conditions, these heating devices can be installed almost immediately.
We use heaters powered by oil, they are characterized by durability and reliability. The devices meet all the highest international quality standards to ensure maximum satisfaction and safety for the user< br> in all, even the most severe, weather conditions.

Lighting masts

tlas Copco LED lighting masts have a wide range of applications. These durable structures emit constantly bright light, fully directional lamps are distinguished by low operating costs due to low fuel consumption and extremely resistant LED headlights. They are easy to transport, service, and operate, and at the same time, they are unrivaled in terms of the brightness of light.
Innovative LED lamps increase the range of light and minimize its losses. A single HiLight mast can illuminate an area of 5,000 sq. m with an average intensity of 20 lux.

CARRIER air-conditioners

The 50FC 093 enclosed units include self-contained and compact air-cooled devices with a horizontal structure designed to operate as a reversible heat pump.
They are characterized by high seasonal efficiency. They are a perfect solution as a cooling and heating system connected to the air distribution system of a building, that is why they do not require any additional internal elements. Such design reduces the cost of installation, facilitates quick connection, and ensures reliable operation.

Mobile kitchen containers

We also offer mobile kitchen containers equipped with all necessary tools for preparing meals, such as a set of kitchen furniture, a stove with an oven, a sink, water and sewage, heating, electricity, etc. The floor is anti-slip made of easily washable aluminum, hermetic and impermeable to any liquids; it has a drainage channel that discharges sewage into a closed tank.
We also offer washing containers equipped with sinks, boilers, and water dispensers. The container has an anti-slip floor made of easily washable aluminum, hermetic and impermeable to any liquids, with a drainage channel that discharges sewage into a closed tank. Thanks to this simple washing solution, you can quickly and efficiently get rid of dirty tools previously used in the kitchen or canteen.

Laundries, drying rooms

The Company REKORD Hale Namiotowe Sp. z o. o. provides services of mobile field laundries with drying rooms, which can be used both for military uniforms and functional clothing.
Mobile industrial washing machines provided by our company are recommended products of the Electrolux company.
Our washing machines have a larger capacity (11 kg), the possibility of thermal disinfection, flexible use, and are suitable for intensive use.

Car washes

A car wash is ideal for trucks that are mildly to moderately soiled. At the entrance to the car wash, the washing process is automatically started using photocells. As the truck moves slowly through the wash, more than 100 nozzles spray 5,000 litres of water per minute from the bottom and side to the wheels to remove dirt from the tread. The reclaimed water is reused for the next washing. The missing amount of water is automatically topped up by the float switch.


We have gained extensive experience in the assembly of tent halls and the accompanying infrastructure for many years, which allows us to choose the optimal equipment for the scope and conditions of work. We guarantee safe solutions and support provided by qualified staff, who deliver professional services tailored to the customer’s needs. The Rekord Company has in its fleet the telescopic forklifts:

– MERLO 35.10

– MERLO 40.17

– MERLO 120.10



Additional equipment

The design and equipment of the tent halls depend on the nature and type of event organized by you and the functions that the halls are to perform. Taking concern for customer’s satisfaction, we have ensured that the additional equipment, guaranteeing the full success of the organized event, has also been included in our offer. The equipment and transport base that we own allows for the organization of an event in any location, taking into account the terrain features.