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Thanks to a steady structure and a special membrane, the tent halls can be used all year round, regardless of weather conditions. For investors who prefer flexible and financially optimal solutions, they can be an alternative to expensive stationary halls.

Year-round tent halls can be used as storage, production, sports, and entertainment facilities. Recently, it has become very popular to roof various types of sports facilities (such as sports fields, tennis courts, ice rinks, horse riding arenas, etc.). Thanks to this, these facilities can be used regardless of the season. This greatly increases their functionality. Tent halls can be used all year round due to the implementation of innovative technical solutions. The roofing offered by our company meets the requirements of PN-EN 13782. he materials used enable them to bear the snow loads in accordance with the standard. The roof of the halls is shaped in such a way that it does not accumulate rainfall and makes snow slide right off it. In our offer, customers will find many halls with specially profiled roofing (CYL, TFS, WLS, KRAT).

However, resistance to heavy loads related to snowfall is not the only condition that must be met by year-round tent halls. In addition, such halls should be characterized by a structure that will be resistant to various types of stress. The roofing of year-round halls must be stretched in two directions, both in width and in length. From a safety point of view, the best solution is mechanical stretching. Stretching by air blown between two layers of the coating is also commonly used (the system is unreliable in case of a puncture or if there is no electric power for the device forcing air to the layered roof) – thus, being a slightly less safe system.

Year-round roofing stretched in two directions and an appropriate angle of the roof allows the roof to clean itself from snow. It also allows avoiding the accumulation of snow in the depressions of the coating (the so-called snow piles are not formed). In practice, it looks like the snow, under its weight, slides down the slippery material of the coating. Our many years of experience in this area show that all-year halls should have roofs with a 25% pitch.

An additional element conducive to their year-round use is heating devices which are specially designed for this purpose. They are responsible not only for the proper temperature inside but also – in emergency situations – they can help to remove snow overhangs caused by excessive snowfall. Slight heating of the air inside the hall causes the snow to loosen from the roof
and slide outside the hall. Of course, sliding snow must not encounter any obstacles along the way.

The safety of the users of tent halls is our priority, which is why we offer proven solutions to our clients in many European countries and even Canada, where winters
are more severe (lower temperatures) and the average annual snowfall is much greater
than in Poland. Only halls adapted to winter conditions can fulfill their task in our climate
and effectively protect guests and property from any weather anomalies.

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